Maur Hill - Mount Academy provides a well-rounded curriculum designed to challenge students to learn and achieve beyond just the basics. In addition to standard grade-level courses, we offer honors, Advanced Placement, college-credit courses, and electives. MH - MA uses a 4.0 grading scale (GPA). 

Required Courses

Students may choose to graduate with the standard diploma or strive for the Regents Honors diploma. Both require successful completion of 28 units, with required courses as indicated.

Curriculum Overview

                  Required Courses

                  • 4 English - Must include English 3 (American Lit.)
                  • 4 Mathematics
                  • 4 Religion - One per year enrolled at MHMA
                  • 4 Science - Must include Biology and Chemistry
                  • 4 Social Studies - Must include U.S. History and American Government
                  • 4 Electives
                  • 2 Foreign Language - 2 years of the same language
                  • 1 Fine Arts
                  • 1 PE/Health

                  Additional courses required for Regents Honors Diploma*

                  • Physics
                  • Math beyond Algebra II
                  • Economics

                  *Requires cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

                  Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) & College Credit

                  When given the opportunity, students will rise up to meet new challenges. To meet the needs of motivated students, we offer honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and college credit courses.

                  Freshman (9th grade)

                  • Honors English
                  • Honors World History

                  Sophomore (10th grade)

                  • Honors English II
                  • Honors American History

                  Junior (11th grade)

                  • Honors English III
                  • American Literature

                  Senior (12th grade)

                  Listed in traditional order by grade.

                  Elective Courses

                  To graduate, every student must take four units of elective courses. We made a variety of electives available so that students may pursue areas of study in which they have a personal interest. We offer the following:

                  • Art
                  • Band
                  • Choir
                  • Coding
                  • Film
                  • Freshman Seminar
                  • Graphic Design
                  • International Seminar
                  • Music
                  • Music Appreciation
                  • Photography
                  • Senior Seminar
                  • Test Prep
                  • Theatre
                  • Yearbook

                  Service Hours

                  We require students to complete the following number of service hours:

                  20 hours - Grade 9 or first-year student
                  25 hours - Grade 10 or second-year student
                  30 hours - Grade 11 or third-year student
                  35 hours - Grade 12